Scam Alert


Hello Contest Participants, 

We are informing you that we are conducting a zero tolerance contest here at the Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway. This means that anyone meaning to scam the contest, contact any person or persons entered into the contest, or looking to defame or defraud the name of the Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway contest in any untruthful manner, will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 


We are here to create a safe and peaceful environment for all participants of our contest and keep our good name in tacked. The privacy of the wonderful people who choose to enter this contest is extremely important to us and will be protected to the best of our ability. Listed below are the names and email addresses brought to our attention as potential scammers. 


If anyone participating in the Happi Manor Dream Home essay contest or website visitors receives any solicitations or emails of any kind from this list or others claiming to represent the contest, please notify the contest administrator/s ASAP. No one on this list represents The Happi Manor Contest, The Happi Manor, My Happi Place LLC., The Happi Bean, PSP, Viola Stuckey, or any affiliates, partners, etc. in any way. 


Suspicious inquiries may come from many different sources. To find more on protecting your personal information and identity, go here: PC Magazine


Possible Scammers Naughty List 

We will be updating this list if needed throughout the contest period for your full protection and confidence. 



Contest Administrator email address:

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