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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Your new dream home/bed and breakfast is fully furnished and the sheets are clean. All you have to do is relax and enjoy your new Happi Lifestyle. How Great Is That!

While you don't have to run the Happi Manor dream home as a bed and breakfast, it is an income opportunity option for you. Don't worry about the B&B listing, because we've taken care of that for you already. The other option is that you and your family just enjoy magnificent living in your new home. There are 20 risers to get to the second floor but don't worry there is also an elevator. The ceilings are11 feet, and the heating and air is central, so the house is cool and cozy in the heat of the summer. #dreamhome2019

There is deeper meaning in everything we do.

“Walk the path that other men fear and you will reap successes those men will never comprehend.” Michaelson Williams

On With The Show!

As you look through the picture galleries and videos imagine yourself as the owner of this beautifully planned and laid out home. This was built for the type of person who understood the meaning of wealth and riches. There are stories of people visiting this property in the early 1900's who were members Washington DC's high powered elite in those days. This home is featured in the Henderson museum located downtown and sits adjacent to a property once owned by the famed broadcaster and actor Charlie Rose. When you enter the house, right away there is a welcoming feeling of familiarity in the air. When your guest arrive they will have the same feelings greeting them as well.

The Milk Man

The picture above is from the 1950's where a milk man would bring fresh milk in glass bottles.

Fine Dining

“The Happi Manor Boast an Incredible Space For Find Dining.”

Some of my fondest and most memorable times where in the grand dining room, where we could comfortably seat eight for lunch or dinner. My family would visit, and we cooked in the kitchen, out on the grill, and sat down for a great lunch or dinner. The Happi Manor dining area really brought some old traditions back that not a lot of people get to experience anymore. The entire family sitting around the table having a meal together. #dreamhomegiveaway

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