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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

A great place for a relaxing conversation and another way to take a load off. The wine keeps very well in this landing area right before you reach the second floor. The black cabinets keep the wine temps down in the summer, so whether you're drinking red or white it's just perfect.

The Happi Manor brings joy to every space, and this wine landing is no exception. This is the perfect place to be for some good conversation, and luxurious observations. From this vantage point when the lighting is at just the right dimness, it feels like sitting in a cove looking out into an invitation of exploration. There were times while sitting in this very spot I almost felt as if I could see back into the early 1930's. There are many amazing view points at the Happi Manor that will surely spark a light into your deepest imagination.

“It takes time to get acquainted with a new home, therefore the Happi Manor property giveaway comes with a $50,000 bonus! So enjoy your new Happi home, while you dream of the many ways it will serve you and your guest.”

It is time for The Happi Manor to furnish one special person or family with a new happi lifestyle, therefore; the contest entry fee will be much less than $50k per entry. Don't get me wrong. If I do not reach the set goal of 5500 entries, then I will continue my journey as the owner of the Happi Manor. #wineandcheese #goodconversation #dreamhomegiveaway


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