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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

The Happi Manor Giveaway is an "as is" transaction, which means all open projects will be fully yours to complete as you see fit. Since the house was built in the 1920's, there has been several square foot discrepancies from the property listings over the years. I will attempt to clear these discrepancies up below with the current factual information.

The Happi Manor is a large home of just over 7000sf under roof, although large is relative to the individual, and their current living accommodations. The 7000sf include the two areas of the carriage house which at one time were used for servants' quarters. The house has areas that were used as living spaces from the early 1920's until I'm guessing the 1960's or so. In the main house, there are actually three floors with ceilings from 10' to 11' high. The third floor of the house is mostly used for storage however, can easily be transformed into a modern bounce room. I was planning to remodel this space into an art gallery with a wet bar and two green bathrooms for art exhibitions.

“I was told by the community historian that dances and parties used to be held right here on the third floor of the Happi Manor. Maybe you'll decide to make this a place for entertaining your guess.” Imagine It!

Above the third floor is another 8.5ft to the peak of the roof which houses the HVAC return unit, that's your attic.

The Carriage House

The Happi Manor carriage house has two floors. The first floor being where you can park your two cars, and the second, which was used for the help and later a art studio, is 85% completed for fitness space. This space was completely gutted and is now under renovations to become a yoga and fitness studio for me and guess of the Happi Manor. You can make it whatever you would like, however, all the fitness equipment and finishing materials are already on the property. Of course the carriage house is still at a point where you can create a space that fulfills your dreams. #dream #imagination #openfloorplan

The Happi Manor is occupied therefore, all open projects, upgrades, and builds will continue being worked on until the keys are turned over to you. Once the keys and security codes for the dual surveillance and alarm systems are given to you, all projects are yours to complete as you see fit. Let your imagination run wild with creativity or finish what has already been started for you.


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