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What do I mean when I say, Money Grows At The Happi Manor? Well I'm talking about koi fish. The Happi Manor has some of the most beautiful koi I've ever seen. I may be a bit bias so I'll let you be the judge for yourself. No, the koi here at the manor may not be record holding $1.8 million dollar koi fish, but they're worth every bit of joy they bring to the Happi Manor. Last year we had our first successful spawning, and what was produced look absolutely amazing. These baby koi fish are now measuring from 12” to 17” and they are just over one year old or Nisai. From spawning to one year, koi fish are called Tosai.

Koi fish are beautiful, and many people love to observe them as fine art and exquisite elegance of movement. There is a wisdom of sorts when you look at a Japanese Koi Fish. The koi's eyes seem to tell a story of a journey based upon a time long passed. Koi are able to sense, see, and feel when you are near or when your eyes move from one fish to another. They respond individually or as an entire cohesive group like one large organism. Every koi seems to have a bit of its own personality, and after watching them for a while, you'll see exactly what I mean. Koi are so much fun to watch, feed, and swim with, provided there are no harsh chemicals on your clothing or swim suit.

The down side of having beautiful Japanese koi, as least for me, is not wanting to ever sell them. The koi featured here are some of the Nisai, over one year old, born right here at the Happi Manor. These koi are now worth, and can sell for between $400 to around $1200 each, according to our research both online and locally. The larger koi fish hear at the manor are worth much more, as they were purchased as Tosai or older. There are over 50 Japanese koi from around the world in the Happi Manor's koi pond, most of the fish being named. So you see how difficult it would be to sell any of them. However, I have always believed that the Happi Manor should help support itself by bringing joy in whatever way possible to others. That means koi born here at the manor are meant to be sold in order to bring happiness to other people.

The larger they get the more they're worth. In most cases the larger a koi gets, the greater its value, so long as skin and color stay intact. In almost all cases koi become even more amazing with size and age. This means that in many markets, it's typical to sell koi fish when they are on the smaller size, unless you have buyers who are really interested in a particular fish. Japanese koi fish and ponding is a meditative and gratifying hobby. When you can make some money from a hobby like ponding, it just makes you Happi!

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