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Updated: Jul 30, 2019

I felt like the Happi Manor needed one more crowning jewel, so I added a Japanese Koi Pond at the rear of the property. Enter now by following the step by step contest entry rules. Win Cash to be used as the get to know your North Carolina stately dream home in 2020.

The Japanese koi pond was really one of my favorite additions to the Happi Manor property. The koi are like moving pieces of art, and altogether they are painting a picture in which the deepest parts of the soul can truly appreciate.

Moving Water Brings Wildlife

“Sense the Japanese koi pond was built, there has been a family of Barred owls who moved into a near by tree.” Last year we even had a baby owl take its first flights less than 50 feet from the manor's back doors

There is no shortage of many types of birds that always sing cheerful songs outside the manor's windows. We have a possum, ground hogs, rabbits, and even a garden or black snake or two, both are harmless. Oh, I almost forget the big fat raccoon that loves to stop by for a few morsels of the occasionally dropped koi food. He or she hasn't bothered the koi fish. I am thankful for that. I guess everyone is Happi living here in harmony. #koipond #wildlife #barredowls

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