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Updated: Feb 27

There have been some you who have been asking the “Why are you running an essay giveaway contest?” So I thought I would take a moment to share my “WHY.” My decision to run an essay contest to give away the HAPPI Manor has come together over time. There are a couple of primary reasons.

First it’s actually on my bucket list to hold an essay contest for a property I own. A dream of mine. Many years ago I read an article in the Southern Living Magazine. It shared the story of a couple that was holding an essay contest to give away their Victorian charmer. While all their details are fuzzy in my memory, I made a note in my mind to one day follow in their footsteps. Onto my bucket list it went. When I owned such an enchanting property, this is how I would find its next owner.

Perhaps even more than fulfilling this dream of mine, there is a desire to bequeath the HAPPI Manor to its next “soul mate.” Let me explain! I was never even one that believed in “soul mates” before the HAPPI Manor. But during my time here, in many ways, I found my own soul again. The joy, love, and HAPPIness that the HAPPI Manor has bestowed up me has truly transformed my life forever. The hours pondering at the pond. Days in the safety of the slate roof canopy. Moments the molding mended me. The HAPPI Manor has restored me, even as we have offered some restoration to it. This essay contest, in many ways is my “thank you” to the HAPPI Manor. I know that my season is coming to a close. This “gift away,” as some have begun to call this essay contest, is my last “love letter” to the HAPPI Manor.

I get it. For many of you seeing the website, learning of the HAPPI Manor giveaway, and even reading this, you don’t get it. That’s ok. The HAPPI Manor isn’t for you. But, if you get my why, then you are the one I’m trying to find for the HAPPI Manor. YOU are my last great gift to the HAPPI Manor. I realize that only one of you will actually win the HAPPI Manor. But I am confident that the power of the HAPPI Manor will transform the dreams and the lives of millions. Love has a way of revitalizing that way.

Thank you for allowing me to share a dream, check something off my bucket list. Thank you as well, for allowing me to share a glimpse into my heart and share my love for the HAPPI Manor. I hope everyone gets to experience this kind of love in their life.

Gratefully HAPPI, Viola


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