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Updated: Mar 12

The artwork around the Happi Manor will stimulate your visual senses. In ever room of this beautiful home are pieces of art that will transport you around the world. From Asia to Italy, France to Spain and back to America, the Happi Manor wall art is a journey in itself. Each piece of art was hand picked by Viola and placed in designated areas of the house that fit the special design. The artwork is set to compliment the furnishings and accent the style of every room.

Imagine it... You walking around the Happi Manor with a glass of your favorite wine or other beverage as you admire the art. Each piece of art is a conversation in of itself and will spark higher levels of enjoyment for you and your guest. The experience and enjoyment of living in such a wonderful home will change you forever. Your level of appreciation for all things Happi will grow as the Happi Manor fulfills you. Enjoy the warmth, as the art adorned walls of this home, share their stories with you.

June Nelson

  1. Original oils by June Nelson, who is a highly regarded SEASCAPE artist from California. She is regarded as one of the top two painters of SEASCAPES in the world. The paintings are so transformative that you can almost hear the waves crashing.  You are transported to the Sea where you can dip your toes in the water. 27x31” and 31 1/2 x 43"

TIM YANKE  “DragonflyIV  2012  16x 23" Original Painting: Mixed Media With Pigment, Pastels, Ink, And Charcoal on Canvas Hand Signed: In Ink Lower Right By the Artist

Yanke was born in Detroit and while he had many exciting commissions, he expresses his desire to hang in homes over museums because he believes that where life really lives.  While much of his work has a southwest team to it, Yanke began painting dragonflies in honor of a dragonfly Tiffany lamp his mother had while he was growing up. David Najar “All Sides of the Story” 2016  21 1/4 x 15 1/4” Najar is an international artists from Israial.  His works are full of nature and show his influence of impressionists, full of movement through different dimension of light and color. This Giclee in color on  paper is Hand signed and numbered.

Tinart 44 1/2" x 10’ This 3 diminutional work of art depicts Japanese garden

Sunflower 27 x 43” Oil with strong strokes creating depth and life.

Kim Balentine is a local fine artist out of Raleigh.  She had been wanting to start painting koi, knowing the HAPPI Manor had koi, she used a photo as inspiration.  While this is one of her first and only koi paintings, you can see which koi she took inspiration from. Painting features Dragon, Happi, Red Dawn, and Diana Prince

Joe is a Seattle based artist who shares her heart of what she loves most-all things Seattle. Whether showcasing her art in a pop up on the water front or exhibits in a coffee shop, you are sure to find her someplace close to the town she loves most. Signed and numbered Vienna waterways 36x32

These are just some of the other art pieces around the Happi Manor. There are many more paintings and art pieces to Enjoy!

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