1. How do I enter the Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway Contest?

 A. It's a simple 3 step process, 


1. Write a short 30 to 60 word essay about the Happi Manor. Tell us why you want it, what inspires or excites you about it, or your dreams of owning this home.


2. Mail your HMG contest entry form, 60 words or less essay, with a non-refundable $25 money order made out to "My Happi Place LLC." to 262 Gholson Ave. Henderson, NC 27536. Address to "The Happi Manor Giveaway Contest" on front of envelope.


3. Post a copy of your essay to your social media feed/s. Include your favorite picture/s of the Happi Manor with the link and hashtag provided here. https://happimanorgiveaway.com, #happimanorgiveaway


official rules  

2. Can we contact the owner of the Happi Manor during contest?

 A. No, please direct any and all questions that are not listed below to our info@happimanorgiveaway.com email. Someone will get back to you asap. 

3. What is the nearest airport?

 A. The closest major airport to Henderson, North Carolina is Raleigh-Durham International Airport (RDU / KRDU). This airport is in Raleigh, North Carolina and is 50 miles from the center of Henderson, NC. If you're looking for international or domestic flights to RDU, check the airlines that fly to RDU.

4. What is the distance to travel for major shopping, such as Malls, Big Box stores or other restaurants?

 A. There are many places to shop, restaurants for dining, and other places to enjoy in Henderson. The Happi Manor is also just 45 minutes from Raleigh, 40 minute from Durham and about 60 minutes from RDU airport.

5. Is it permissible to write an essay on behalf of someone else?

  A. No. The essay MUST be written by the person whose name is on the entry form.

6. Would a title on the essay be counted in the sixty (60) words or less?

 A. No, a title will not be counted in the sixty (60) words or less, if a title is used it must not contain more than ten (10) words.

7. Will “I“ and “a“ be counted as words in the essay?

 A. Yes, "I" and "a" will be counted as words in the 60 words or less essay.

8. Are drawings, pictures or art acceptable on essay?

 A. No, all essays must not contain drawings, pictures or art of any kind.

9. Does the Happi Manor have equipment on the property for upkeep?

 A. Yes, there is equipment for lawn, tree trimming and cutting, which are in like new condition and working properly. All of the equipment is standard, like something you would get from a Lowes or Home Depot. There is also a new, only used twice, backup generator for the koi pond and house should the power ever go out during heavy storms.

10. Will the current owner help the winners get antiquated with the Happi Manor and the Japanese koi pond?

 A. Yes, the owner will provide up to 10 days of on-site training immediately before or after transfer and provide limited telephone or email consultation for thirty (30) days thereafter.

11. Will the runners up be notified?

 A. Yes, the winner of the contest will be announced following the winner’s acceptance of the prize.


12. Is this a scam to get my hard earned money?

 A. No, absolutely not. My name and reputation is extremely important to me and must be protected, therefore all of the i's have been dotted and t's crossed. I have consulted with experienced attorneys in my state to make absolutely certain that my Happi Manor Giveaway contest is legal and lawful in every way possible. 

13. Am I automatically invested in this PSP when I send my money and essay for the contest?

 A. No. Your entry into the contest only holds you an investment position for up to one year. Please read details on the PSP: Profit Sharing Partnership project for a better understanding of this amazing opportunity.

14. How much is this contest really worth should I be the winner?

 A. A couple of replacement appraisals have been conducted through the years, and while there are a number of items that have been considered irreplaceable-ie the slate roof that is for a lifetime, all the original custom millwork, and the updates such as the koi pond and koi- the baseline estimation replacement value starts at the $1.4M. 

15. If I don't win the first place prize do I have to do anything else to be eligible for the 2nd or 3rd place prizes?

 A. No. your entry into the contest automatically makes you eligible for the 2nd and 3rd place prizes. You need not do any additional work. 

16. How much cash money is up for grabs in the contest?

A. There are three money positions in the Happi Manor Giveaway Contest.

  1. First place winner will receive a whopping $50,000 cash to aid with beginning a new life at the Happi Manor.
  2. Second place winner will receive $5,000 cash prize for their contest essay.

  3. Third place winner will receive $3,000 cash for their contest essay entry. 

17. How old is the roof and does it need to be replaced?

A. No, the Happi Manor has a slate roof, that will out last and out live all of us. The life of a slate roof in

this area is about 200 years. Therefore the roof will not need to be replaced for at least another 100 or so


18. Will there be any warrantees given away with the house?

A. Yes, While the Happi Manor Giveaway is an As-Is property transfer, the owner graciously agrees to

provide the current home warranty for one full year. This home warranty provided by American Home

Shield, covers a great deal of protection, including but not limited to, appliances, plumbing, ductwork,

electrical, heating and cool, and the list goes on. When combined with the $50,000 cash prize, you, the

winner, should be able to enjoy your new stress free Happi Lifestyle!

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