In the Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway Contest, I made sure that everybody wins! I don't know about you, but I am not as much of a risk taker as I'd like to be. People who take large risk in life seem to, for the most part, win big as well. They always get the big rewards. If you are like me you probably don't like to take huge risk... 


I am now learning to take bigger risk in my life and it's been paying off incredible dividends. For me taking large risk used to come with a great deal of fear and anxiety. See I don't like to lose. Losing seems to always follow up with another loss, and another after that, like a snowball affect. But what I've discovered is that winning comes with the same snowball affect. With every win comes another, then another, and more after that. That's how it's been working for me over the past ten or so years.


So What's This All About?...


The fact of the matter is that everyone can't win my Happi Manor Dream Home. That's just the reality of the situation, and that could sometimes keep some of you from entering the contest altogether. So what I've done is devised a way that EVERYBODY WINS who enters this contest. Of course only one person or family can actually win the Stately Happi Manor Dream Home. However, I've made it possible that when you do enter the Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway Contest, and don't win one of the amazing prizes, you aren't just throwing your money down the drain. Your entry fee, if you do not win my dream home, will hold an exclusive position for you as a “Mission Happi Project PSP: Profit Sharing Partner”.


That's right! Like I said EVERYBODY WINS! ...


So what will you be investing in if you don't receive the Happi Manor Dream Home? One of Small Town America's greatest past times, Coffee! Just in the US alone the coffee industry is worth over 20 billion dollars and continues to grow every year. So why offer this added opportunity? Why look out for you? I am looking out for you because now your entry fee for the dream home giveaway won't be lost into the ether, out in no-mans-land. 


Your contest entry will hold you a place as a PSP: Profit Sharing Partner of a shared percentage of a coffee shops opening in a small town right here in America. You'll be given the opportunity to support Small Town America's Economic Growth. The PSP investment positions are not held for anyone else but you will have an investment spot guaranteed for you. In addition a portion of your entry fee goes towards the Look Who's Happi Project for kids.

This project educates children in the ways of building a True Success future...

I know, I know, this may sounds a bit strange to you, and it should. No one these days really looks out for other people like they should. Well I Do! So why would I do it?... See your future is my future too. If you feel like you are winning at the game of life, then you can pass that positive energy along to someone else, and they can pass their winning attitude along to the next person. And before you know it, a positive snowball affect is happening throughout Small Town America, into the big city, and maybe even world-wide. Who Knows! Wouldn't you love to be a part of something that huge, that important, and that cool? I would! 

And more importantly... EVERYBODY WINS!







See a sample of your Small Town America's Economic Growth

PSP: Profit Sharing Partnership Investment details...


Mission Happi Profit Sharing Partnerships



Enter The Happi Manor Dream Home Giveaway Today

and Start Believing In Solid Risk Taking. 

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