Hello, I'm Viola

I am the current proud owner of the Happi Manor and Shop My Happi Place, where I get the privilege of helping people live a Happi Lifestyle! While the Happi Manor will forever hold a special place in my heart and mind, I’m so thrilled that shortly I will be saying that you are the proud owner of the Happi Manor. I believe that life is full of new opportunities to grow on life’s journey, and so my new dreams have opened the door to  yours.  It is adventures like these that we just cannot pass up. It's time for the Happi Manor to work its magic on you now.


I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for your interest, excitement and participation in this contest.  Many have worked diligently to ensure and design a contest that is not only legal, fair and objective, but one where everyone wins!  Everyone wins something through this contest, be it the ping of your heart to go after your own dreams, inspiration to think outside the box, joy in following along in the journey of people making moves to fulfill their heart’s desire, or the ultimate prize of the dream home Happi Manor.  


Finally, I respectfully ask that you honor the rules of the contest and not attempt to contact me. No showings will be offered, no tours given, and no access to the property and home are allowed.  I do have administrators to offer updates, answer questions, and share photographs through the website and other media outlets.  I look forward to hearing who wins the historic Happi Manor, wishing you the best of luck! 


Yours Truly, 

Viola Stuckey


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